“Defensive Computing” Lessons

Yes, we agree, this is a typical journalistic titling style…

But that’s the whole idea!

We offer a “general computing” training, for all those, any age or competencies, that are feeling that a bit of support would be useful to better deal with “all that computer stuff”.

These trainings are available either as private lessons, or under the shape of small group workshops.

Private lessons:

It’s “Live on stage”: you come with your devices and your questions, we look it up, and we set up a program to bring you at peace with the various subject that needs support, to make you future computer life easier. Along that path, we reorganise or reconfigure what needs fixing. And we take care that your devices are protected and you data backed up. In other word, that’s the small scale, personal version of what we bring to the SMB’s.


Based on a 1+1-hour session, the typical agenda is the following:

For one hour, we give you a list of typical pieces of advice to deal with the “ununderstood” situations with your computer, word processing devices and such electronic devices. The idea here is not to teach you how to use each function of your operating system (you know: they call this Windows 10 or MacOS), or how to become an expert in Word or Excel. We position this learning before that : we’ll teach you how to cope cleverly with a computer that doesn’t turn on or shut off, with a keyboard that does not take you command, or with the file that you cannot find anymore or that was unsaved, in brief, with a computer that doesn’t obey!

We’ll suggest a couple of actions to survive victoriously to a sudden death of your computer without losing it all. Explain how to do a bit of back-up and tidying.

We’ll give you some generic trick and attitudes to handle the unexpected behaviors, instead of trying to teach an endless list of situations that will never be the same anyway…

How could you learn them all? I’ve been “in the business” for 30 year and I still learn something every day.

The second part of the evening will be dedicated to the “Questions & Answers”

Bring your own equipement.

We’ll help you solve your issues, and – in respect of you own privacy and you will indicate to us, us them as practical exercises for the tips shown during the first part of the workshop

Custom Interface Development

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