Who are "We"?

A quick introduction to me, Eric Lesage

I’m the owner and main operator of Full Moon.

After an almost exclusive 15 year collaboration in IT projects leading, set up Design and R&D with what used to be a start-up, and eventually became a subsidiary of a major international group in the Audio-visual Media Archiving and Metadata enrichment fields, I come back to my “first loves”: Project Management and its corresponding developments at SMB scale.

Indeed, before this last and sort of lengthy professional step, I was involved in various ambitious project (see the list below), that I particularly enjoyed realizing.


  • implementation of custom non-linear video editing system (before this wording was even existing)
  • implementation of CRM (also before the wording), using XML (all very early technologies at the time)
  • implementation of programmable natural language Medical Reporting system (using multiple choice answer to accelerate production of a “written language” protocol by the medical practitioner using scintigraphic scanners)
  • …and a bunch of other similar smaller size projects

I tend to define my “professional” self by pushing forward the importance that I set to framing and rigorous project leading, combined with a great versatility. I bring a 360° vision, combined with a extended intellectual curiosity in many technical domains, what always helped me being a pragmatic middleman between the creative people holding their projects and the technical teams in charge of implementing them.

Depending on your project scale, I’ll bear, either alone or with the support of a bunch of highly skilled historical partners, the various responsibilities of defining, coordinating and implementing the various aspect of its setups.