Project Management and Consultancy

Based on our 20+ year of global information technology project management, we provide project management assistance for short/medium term projects.

To the contrary of many large and typical big project management companies, used to scale very broadly the implementation of their client desire, we apply the SME spirit to our project management.

We propose a “real life”, pragmatic, financial and timely reasonable approach to our (your) project, while taking great care of maintaining a high-level standard when dealing with anticipation of needs, compliance and openness.

We envisage such project leading as a true-life combination of the trendy “Agile” style with the more “conservative” pin pointing of the importance of maintaining a referential concept framework that will stand as a “red line” accompanying the whole process.

Product Management and Decision Reference Framework

Our experience has shown that this combined modern and traditional approach has two major positive impact on your project life:


  • It will provide a strong reference when facing major strategic decisions
  • It will avoid erratic and expensive repeated short sighed change of directions


Project Management and Consultancy