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Full Moon
  • httpS and GDPR

    httpS and GDPR

    Protect your Website data with https data encryption and comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)[...]
  • Resolution 2020

    Resolution 2020

    Your are in 2020 and should apply your new year resolutions! Entrust your ICT issues to us to start off on the good foot![...]
  • VMware Horizon VDI POC

    VMware Horizon VDI POC

    We set up a Virtual Desktop solution demonstrator for a prospect. How to move your bulky, noisy, “on steroids” workstation into a server room and share its power and expensive softwares with your collaborators to limit costs.[...]

We care.  Personally.

Full Moon is a general ICT service & support company dedicated to personal and small businesses, or liberal professionals. To the contrary of the large scale actors in this field, we aim at developing a person to person relationship with a limited quantity of long haul clients, to assist them with their IT activity at large. In this optic, we always care to maintain the best combination of pragmatism and ambition to our advises and achievements.

Your Personal Computer and ICT Infrastructure Specialist

In our role of part time CIO/CTO, we take care of the management of your ICT infrastructure and its support (local & remote). We provide consulting, purchase support, and training. According to the result of our audit, we help you to strengthen and consolidate the setup and organize disaster recovery, through backups and documentation, according to the GDPR requirements.

Cloud Services

We also assist you in having a proper installation, cooperation and configuration of the various cloud services that are appropriate to your activity, from the general office suites down the most specialized application in monitoring, scheduling, community management and other global linking.

Web Sites and Social Media

We provide support in creating and maintaining your web site and the management of your social media. According to the project context, we will achieve or help the whole process from the technical setup, including the copywriting, graphic design, up to SEO, data sourcing and Social Media connections.

Project Management

Support to your own ICT projects design, setup, implementation and management: web sites, infrastructure, networks, software development, data gathering and conditioning, Interfacing


As an external eye, third party to your organization, we provide high level guidance in establishing or consolidating decision reference frameworks for your IT projects – being the man inside facilitating the link and the proper understanding between the creative people and the specialists.