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Visit Card or Full Featured web site?

Of course, you already have a web site, or you know you need one.

Want a quick, nice looking visit card site but don’t know where to start?

Or you need a full featured site that delivers some special services, like the management of session (agenda), prepayment for your services, reporting on the business core activity of something happening in your company?

This kind of site usually requires a bit more technical skills than the typical “self-made” or “easy made” sites. It usually involves setting up a 3 tiers architecture like the following:


  • Collecting or interfacing with you company data
    (whether this collection is technical or computational).
  • Digesting the collected data into a format that a Web site can cope with and organizing it’s life cycle (backup, legal, …)
  • Integrate the structured data into your site specialized interface.

Using our Project Management expertise, we’ll define and describe a project altogether, analyzing your context and goals, defining a financial and time frame, then execute and implement it along an agreed on plan.

SEO, Search Engines and Social Media

Now that you site is alive; your audience should find it. We will help you to proper “document” your site so that it is optimized for proper referencing by the search engines. We will also care to set up your social media community management activities: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter…taking great care to separate your private life from the professional one.


You already have a site, but it hasn’t been updated for a while? There’s a high likeliness that it’s not compliant with the two most recent concerns:

  • Https: a security feature based on certificates that protects your data confidentiality – and you client’s –  while traveling on internet. Beware : most browser will soon prevent easy connection to such unprotected sites, a very negative message to your visitor
  • GDPR: a set of European legal rules framing the management of the personal data that your site (and you company) manages. Even though smaller companies may not be the first targeted, heavy fines are announced when not complying.

And anyway, a bit of refreshing never hurts…


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