httpS:// and GDPR: get updated!

Decrypting the httpS protocol!

Http is the Internet main protocol. Your browser uses this “language” to obtain the information from your website hosting provider and show it to the user.

HttpS is an enriched version of the http protocol that encrypts your website data during their travel between your site hosting and your users’ web browser. Yes, before https, they were merely travelling in the ether as text, sometime including your passwords! People could read them using a relatively simple equipment…The Internet sector put considerable efforts into spreading the implementation of this enriched norm. Taking it further, Google may lower your scoring if not applied, pushing you in the abyss of the web searches…not talking about the risk of your passwords forgery!

The GDPR demystified!

GDPR : The General Data Protection Regulation is a set of rules aiming at enhancing the personal data protection. In order to entitle everyone to keep the control of its data, the legislator has set up a set of rules for the data recipients for them to guarantee their accessibility and management quality to their original owners. Practically, you can consider that most of these requirements as good management practices. Taking care of them is actually rather fruitful to your organization. Here also, it is important to act rapidly, as considerable fines are applicable in case of non-conformity.

Get your organisation back on tracks!

Contact us to quick check your current status. We will suggest the appropriate changes both regarding you site hosting – that’s often rather simple – and see how to get to a better compliance to the GDPR at the smaller possible cost.

A bit of information for the curious:

Here’s Https according to Google and Wikipedia.

In Belgium, the authority managing the GDPR is the “Data Protection Authority”

httpS and GDPR